Amarcord …how it started

Story of Luigi Neri is a typical one of Romagna. Endowed with great willpower and passion for his own land, in 1951 grandfather Luigi creates his own wine-growing company on the first hills of Cesena, at Carpineta. In a historic period marked by the rapid urbanization and strong economic growth that literally emptied the countryside, grandfather Luigi decided to invest instead in agricultural and wine production, surrounded by the affection of his family. Here, 240 meters above sea level and 15 km. from the coast of Romagna, its children and grandchildren will grow and they will take over the company’s reins over the years.


Tenuta Neri is nowadays in its third generation and is managed by the grandsons of Luigi: Valeria, who leads the process of wine-making, marketing and communication, and Giovanni, who follows the cultivation of vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees. Luigi Neri left them a precious heredity that smells of hills and it has the taste of the oldest tradition of Romagna.